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"View Your Certificates Email Address" 0.3.0 published

Update for FF 34.0 and T 34.0. Can now be installed without restart.

Yesterday night I published version 0.3.0 of "View Your Certificates Email Address". This Firefox and Thunderbird add-on, developed by my, helps managing your S/MIME ceritificates. The Add-on adds a column for displaying the certificates e-mail address to the "Your Certificates" tab of the Certificate Manager.

The old version could not be installed in current versions of Firefox nor Thunderbird. I did not recognise this for long as the add-on worked find if it has been installed in older versions.

I took the change converting the add-on to being "restartless": Now you do not need to restart the application when installing "View Your Certificates Email Address". I may blog on the technical aspect of the conversion in another post.